25 years old : my goals

Since last friday, I am 25. A quarter century! That day, I also finished my studies of 7 years. In short, a lot of upheavals and emotions the same day. The very next day, when getting up, I asked myself a lot of questions. So it’s time to set some goals for the next year!

25 years old : my goals

I usually review my goals several times a year: January 1st, the day of my birthday and when I’m a little depressed. Every year, when I see that my age is increasing, I tell myself that I really have to do something because life is short. It is even more true this year with th end of my studies and a quarter century behind me.

My goals for my 25 years old

Now that I’m done with studying, my schedule is a bit lighter. All this year, I had a full time job, my studies a week a month and when I returned at home I still thouht about what I should do for my PharmaD. The weekend and during the summer, I stayed in working on school projects and writing my thesis. So of course I want to enjoy this new year to do a lot a things!


Every year, traveling is a goal that I give myself but it’s ultimately more of a need than anything else. I need to have a trip in sight so that I can move forward. This year, I feel that there will be a few more trips and probably longer than last year. A big trip and a weekend are already scheduled for 2019 and I hope to make a second big trip later that year.

Traveling has always been a part of my life. As soon as a trip was over, I’ve always thought of the next. I’m also happy to go home after traveling but I need to go to another country to visit or just rest without being in Paris. I don’t feel like I’m really resting if I stay in Paris.

Feel good

For that, several objectives are taken into account. To feel good is to be good in one’s body, to eat better and to love one’s body. Two goals I had last year (and years before) so that I can love my body. I started to try harder last year : I lost a little weight and I started to eat way better. I also stopped eating meat and try to avoid animal products as much as possible.

25 years old : my goals

I also decided to do a lot more sports. I have never been very athletic but studies have definitely finished me! I have done no sport whatsoever for the past 7 years (the few sports sessions to have a clear conscience don’t count). Since this summer, I’m enrolled in a gym but these last few weeks have been a little too busy. My goal is to exercise at least twice a week.

Learn to practice yoga

I have always had an attraction for yoga. I like the forms of yoga and that it can make you sweat. But beside the sun salutation, I know very little. To help me find a yoga routine, I decided to follow Lucile Woodward’s beginner’s yoga program. This program is for one month and it allows you to start practicing yoga as a beginner. I will tell you what I think about it in a month!

Be organized

In addition to all these things, there is all the daily life (work, friends, family) and the blog (which I really want to keep going for a long time). To post regularly on the blog or social networks, I need to be more organized. I have already decided that I will only give myself two days to deposit my Vinted sales. I also started doing the Miracle Morning again to allow me to do things in the morning (yoga, writing or just reading). As a matter of fact, I’ll give you an article to tell you about my version of Miracle Morning.

During this first year in Paris, I learned that it is very difficult for me to do anything once at home in the evening. To cook is a torture, to work even more. I’d rather get up earlier in the morning to do a lot of things so tat I don’t feel guilty doing nothing in the evening 🙂

25 years old : my goals

Pay more attention to what I buy

After seeing all the sorting I did last year after moving in, I don’t want to do it ever again. I want to pay more attention to what I buy, whether in quantity or quality. I will try to be more concerned about where I buy from. I have already started to do this with food this year but I would like to continue with my clothes.

As much as possible, I’ll try not to put too much pressure on me if I don’t accomplish all these goals. I’ll add them in my lifestyle and adapt them accordingly.

See you in 1 year to talk about it;)

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