Fall capsule wardrobe : My looks for the week

Hi everyone ! After talking about my capsule wardrobe two weeks ago, here is a week’s worth of looks with the clothes I selected. I am really happy with the result 🙂

I only made you the first 5 days of the week. I don’t go out much in the weekend and usually stay in my most comfy outfit watching Netflix. I hope you’ll like the result for the 5 working days. Feel free to tell me if you like this kind of article 🙂


 A week of looks with my fall capsule wardrobe.

This week we had a lot of luck with the weather and on Monday it was still 25 degrees. I decided not to put a jacket but to put some boots. I chose this little top that I bought on sale at H&M and it’s perfect with a jacket to go to work. I also put on my Etam jeans that I love because it’s just the one that makes me feel good in it right now. I feel like it slims my figure without beeing too tight. I highly recommend it!

Regarding accessories, I decided to choose something very simple: Mango socks boots that I bought last year. I think the sock boots will come back strong again this year. This very practical and these ones are very comfortable. I chose this purse that also comes from Mango. I’m fond of this style and find it timeless. Also : it’s cheap!

 A week of looks with my fall capsule wardrobe.


 A week of looks with my fall capsule wardrobe.

For Tuesday, I chose a more “working girl”-like outfit with high-waisted jeans and a shirt, both coming from Zara. I really like Zara’s high-waisted jeans because they get exactly the right size at the ankle and I don’t need to touch them up. I fell in love with this shirt that is a big hit at work! It has that “Chanel” look that I like a lot.

Regarding the accessory-side of things, I chose my Naf Naf heels which are also super comfy (I have no problem walking all day while wearing them) and my sweet little purse Anouck by Claudie Pierlot.

 A week of looks with my fall capsule wardrobe.



 A week of looks with my fall capsule wardrobe.

For Wednesday, a super simple look: a polka dot blouse H&M and my lovely jeans from Etam. For accessories, always my Mango bag and patent leather derbies with velvet laces from Etam. They are just perfect! And when I don’t want to bother with heels but I still want to look classy, I put wear them right away.


 A week of looks with my fall capsule wardrobe.

Just in case you haven’t understood it yet: I LOVE these jeans! I even tried to find another pair at Etam but I wasn’t pleased with the ones I received. Furthermore, I don’t really want to buy other pants because I’m on a diet and I intend to lose another size. I don’t want to buy things that won’t fit me in a few months.

The star of this look is the corduroy jacket from Mango that I bought last week and that some of you might have seen in my Instastory. I discovered this jacket on an English girl’s Youtube channel and I loved it right away. I usually don’t really like corduroy but I made an exception for this jacket. With a t-shirt, it’s warm enough for fall and it’s perfect for winter with a sweater.

My shirt comes from Uniqlo. I only go there to buy t-shirts or sweatshirts. It has the best price/quality ratio. And my little white sneakers come from Asos.


 A week of looks with my fall capsule wardrobe.

Last look of the week with an outfit that was very successful on Instagram and for good reasons! This Zara sailor sweater is just crazy! I love it! The small details of the buttons on the collar are really beautiful. For the bottom, I put the high waist Zara jeans that I showed you earlier. In terms of accessories, you can’t go wrong with H&M. H&M has an excellent collection this year with this cute purse which goes with everything and these super comfy moccasins which are from their High Quality collection.

 A week of looks with my fall capsule wardrobe.

At the beginning of September, I made a clean-up in my wardrobe. I removed everything that I hadn’t worn in a while, the clothes I could not match, and a lot of clothes with too much color. Some might say that my wardrobe lacks a bit of color but that’s just my personal style. I also added a few things recently to complete my wardrobe.

You must have noticed that there are a lot of clothes and accessories that I love. That’s what matters in a wardrobe. It’s also necessary that everything goes well together to have only a few pieces but to have the impression to have plenty of different outfits.

To help you feel good in your clothes, I plan on doing the first article in the personal style series in the next 2 weeks or so.

I hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to tell me if you want other articles like this one in the future. I could make one or two like this with every capsule wardrobe change 🙂

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