How to create a capsule wardrobe ?

Fall has arrived and for most of us it’s time to change our wardrobes!  But we still want to keep our little camisole in the dressing room.

Eventually after 2 weeks, we realize that they are useless and that it would be nice to do some sorting in the clothes for fall and winter.

I live in a small apartment in Paris and I share a small dressing with my darling. I just had to learn to organize myself! It has been a year since I started making a rotation of clothes between summer and winter just to make it fit in the wardrobe. To make this possible, I bought some under-bed storage in which we both store our off-season clothes. It’s a real life-saver for our winter coats!

Since my move-in a year ago and the big sorting that followed, I try to pay attention to what I buy. There are still small mistakes in my way of buying but I try to improve myself!

To control my habit of buying and to know exactly what to wear every morning, I decided to create my capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe with few elements but with everything coming nicely together. For example, you have a top that goes with almost all your bottoms : jeans, a little black skirt and so on. To create this type of wardrobe, it normally takes very few pieces. About thirty per season. When you live in countries with polar-opposite seasons with a gap in temperature like in France, you obviously can’t keep the same capsule wardrobe through the year. In my case, I have a set for each season and today I’ll change to the fall one. I will add some pieces that I’ll keep during winter but you can also keep your trench coat or leather jacket without being too cold.

The main purpose of the capsule wardrobe is to ease your process of choosing what to wear in the morning. There is less clutter, everything goes together and it just makes sense. The pieces selected must fits your morphology, your personal style and must make you feel comfortable wearing it. Get rid of the clothes that itch you or hug you too tightly and make you want to remove them as soon as you put them on (you’ll need some heavy sorting!).

The capsule wardrobe includes all the clothes (jackets, coats too) and all the shoes. It must have thirty pieces among clothes and shoes. It doesn’t matter to much if you’re up to 40-ish items.

Steps to create your capsule wardrobe

Empty your closet

Comment crΓ©er une garde-robe capsule ?

It’s important to see the extent of the damage πŸ™‚

I must say that I was surprised to see everything I had in my tiny space.

Also take out all your shoes to be able to match them with outfits later.

Comment crΓ©er une garde-robe capsule ?

Sort clothes and shoes

Start with your clothes first. Make 4 different piles:

  • The clothes you choose for your capsule wardrobe of the season. For me, it’s mainly sweaters, jackets that I wear through autumn / winter, long-sleeved tops, jeans and pants that I put on all the time.
  • The pile of clothes off season (here the summer clothes). These are the clothes you will store and only bring back next season. This pile is a little more complicated because you tend to convince yourself that you will still wear some lighter clothes. Personally I’m a big chilly and I’m sure I won’t put a camisole with a jacket in the middle of October.
  • The pile of clothes that you are sure not to put back. These are the clothes you’ve had for years and you keep knowing that you won’t wear them again. I had some clothes like that in my wardrobe and I decided to finally draw the line. For those who are still in good condition, I will try to sell them and for others I give them. 
  • The last pile is the pile of indecision. Mainly clothes that you are not sure if you’ll wear them this season but it’s always handy to have them nearby. For me it’s some classy clothes that I only wear for night outs or occasion.

Comment crΓ©er une garde-robe capsule ?

Then sort the shoes. Say goodbye to small sandals, sneakers and other summer shoes. Think about the ones you will really put on during the season and the ones you don’t want to put on anymore (because they hurt your feet or they are too damaged…)

Store the stack of seasonal clothes

Once you have your piles, store in your wardrobe your clothes that you want to keep for the season. You should see a huge difference in the number of clothes and the room you now have in your closet. Do not fall into the trap of buying everything to fill the empty space! We will talk about it later in this article.

Comment crΓ©er une garde-robe capsule ?

Once stacked, you will be able to attack the other piles!

Sort the clothes you don’t want anymore

Sort them according to their state. Put aside those that are in good condition to sale them later and put in bags those who are too worn and donate them to charities.

For the clothes I want to sell, I use the app Vinted. It works very well and you will quickly become addicted!

Keep your clothes off-season

I have a very small apartment in Paris and the only place I found to store these clothes is under the bed! I use a storage bags and they are the perfect size! I have two different ones: one for off-season clothes and another for storing the clothes I’m selling.

Make a decision for the clothes of the last pile

This is the hardest part: deciding what to do with these beloved clothes or shoes. Still having room under the bed, I decided to leave these clothes in well-closed bags but very easy to access. For some of them, you may choose to keep them in your closet and you will see their usefulness when you change your wardrobe for the next season.

Make a shopping list

Once everything is tidy, you can ask yourself and make a shopping list of the pieces that you are lacking to create perfect outfits. I noticed a few pieces that I have been needing for quite some time, like a white shirt, not too well fitted but that could be worn under a sweater or under a tuxedo jacket. That and some flat black ankle boots that go with absolutely all my outfits.

Comment crΓ©er une garde-robe capsule ?

Once the list is made, I would advise you not to rush on the first pieces that correspond roughly to what you want but to ask questions about the cut, feel and later decide if it will fit with the wardrobe’s content. When shopping for these pieces, be careful not to buy too much other stuff that isn’t on your list to limit the clutter. You can also choose to buy a few more trendy pieces to spice up your looks.

In my case, I have a very casual and minimalist style. I think I’m about to buy houndstooth pattern this year, which will go very well with what I already have in my closet.

And here is the result!

Comment crΓ©er une garde-robe capsule ?

And you, will you make a capsule wardrobe? What was the most difficult part in these steps? What will you buy next?

Author: The Anne Weekly

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