Minimalism – 8 things I no longer buy

I’m so happy to tell you about a new series on this blog: minimalism.

I integrated minimalism into my life 2 years ago and since then I’ve been feeling like I have more time for myself, I am les overworked at home and I am spending less.

I also crossed out 8 things, which allowed me to declutter my apartment and save money.

Minimalism - 8 things I no longer buy

8 things I no longer buy

Magazine subscriptions

I used to have 2 or 3 magazine subscriptions to women monthly magazines like Grazia, Vogue or whatever. But I didn’t truly take the time to read them and they were piling up in a corner of my apartment. I always ended up throwing away most of them.

I decided to no longer subscribe to magazines. I buy them punctually, whenever I really want to read them (like when I go on vacation or will be commuting a lot).


Paper books

I read a lot of books and it became difficult to store in my small apartment. I also don’t really like the idea of borrowing a book from a library. You never know in which hands they have been. My boyfriend bought me a Kindle and I’ve been using it since.

I loved it right away because it’s super convenient when commuting. It doesn’t take much room, even if I read what would have been a big book of 600 pages. I also like that I don’t have to stocks books at home anymore.

When I moved to Paris, I gave a lot of my teenage books to my city library. For the other books I didn’t want, I gave them to my friends and family. I’m glad I did so because there really wasn’t a point in keeping books I know I won’t read again.


Home decor

When you move in your very-first apartment, you want it to be in your image. You spend way too much time searching for the perfect decoration on online sites, you bookmark pages on Pinterest and end up buying lots of stuff. My Pinterest deco boards are very similar because they are all minimalist. I decided to create a very Scandinavian space with light gray, wood and white. In the end I think I’d like to change for something black and white but I’ll wait a bit.

Minimalism - 8 things I no longer buy

Moving in this new home, I had a pretty clear idea of ​​what I wanted, and I bought almost nothing, except plants. Each of us had stuff from our previous individual studios and the apartment was a mess with only what we already had. It needed a huge sorting! I decided to not buy any decoration because with what I already had (which already deserved some sorting), we had plenty.


Costume jewelry

Nothing to do with the previous theme, but it’s something that I stopped buying when I started to become minimalist. I bought a lot of costume jewelry, like those found at H&M or Pimkie. I had tons because I always wanted to accessorize my outfits and I wanted the colors to match. However, I didn’t take the time to put anything except my watch in the morning. In the end, jewels accumulated in various jewelry boxes that took space.

Moving in was the opportunity to sort everything and only keep the essentials like gold, silver or any long-lasting jewelry.


Bad quality clothes

I was a fan of consuming more and more for the lowest possible price. When I saw t-shirts at 5€ I went for it. I bought anything during sales and ended up with a lot of things that I’ve never worn and a lot of bad quality clothes.

I didn’t go the polar opposite and decided to only buy expensive and renown brands or such nonsense. Mainly because my budget doesn’t allow me this level of freedom and also because some renown brand just don’t put quality at their number one priority. I keep going to H&M, Zara or Mango but I now avoid shops like Bershka or New Look. Quality is now an important factor when deciding to buy an item I really like.


Souvenirs from our travels

Concerning travels, I was the kind of girl to keep the Routard guide as a proof of our presence there and I always brought small objects to remind me of the good moments we had on this trip. But these small objects accumulated and started taking a good part of my space. As time went on, they also lost their meaning.

I decided to not buy any more, to use this money on a good meal or an activity that would leave us more memories than an object.



Who haven’t succumbed to the “3 for the price of 2!”? I personally did it a lot, especially during private sales on the internet, and ended up with 12 bottles of shampoo, 8 sponges and 3 times the same t-shirt…

Now I buy bit by bit and only when I’m lacking a particular item, that way I avoid storing too many things in our apartment. It’s indeed more cost effective to buy bulk but I prefer to buy by the unit and have a less clutter.


Useless stationery

I’m a big fan of stationery but I hardly ever use it. I always use the same Bic pens and I need an agenda for the year. This year, I took the project book of 23heures59 that I find great and I only use that one. I said goodbye to all the “super cute” supplies for which I don’t have a use and I finally have room on my desk.

Minimalism - 8 things I no longer buy

Are you also a fan of stationery but you don’t use them? Or do you write two sentences in these notebooks without ever reopening them? So you have to find the format that suits you the best and keep it for a year. I need a diary in which I have enough room to write down what I have to do in a day and to be able to take notes when I have an idea that goes through my head.


If you think about it, what would you not buy in the future?

8 things I no longer buy

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