My 5 tips to avoid the Sunday evening blues

Oh, Sunday evening blues! Hadn’t you ever felt down around 5 or 6 pm on a Sunday? You know that the weekend is over, you don’t really want to go back to work and you have no goal for the coming week (except to reach the following Friday night).

My 5 tips to evoid the Sunday envening blues

It happens to me from time to time and here are the 5 tips that I use (not all at once) to avoid the blues of Sunday evening.

Take care of yourself

Take a hot bath, make a mask for the hair, do your nails … Take the time that you want to take care of yourself, of your body, to be able to attack the new week. Sunday evening is an opportunity for me to make a body-scrub, to make a mask for the hair and to do my nails. By doing that, I feel like I’m ready for the new week that’s coming.


We can also take care of ourself in another way: by meditation or doing some soft yoga. Meditation on Sunday evening helps me a lot when I start to totally panic. I think of the deadlines of the week and I start to stress. One of my solutions in these cases is to put me on my bed, put on my headphones with some audio to help meditating and focus on my breathing for 15-20 min. It is so good! Right after, I feel immediately more calm.

Plan the coming week

What I love doing is planning the week ahead. I am a big fan of list and I note everything on my notebook 23heures59. I try to spread all the tasks over the week to avoid being overwhelmed on Monday. I also try to note by importance, that is, things that I absolutely have to do things and those aren’t essential but that still have to move forward.

My 5 tips to avoid the Sunday evening blues

Planning the next week allows me to set goals, to know that there are cool things that will happen and makes me want to start the week.

Go out

When we really need comfort on Sunday evening with my boyfriend, we like to go out to eat some ramen. It warms the soul 🙂 We try to go early enough and to come back not too late so that we can still enjoy our evening. It lighten the evening and we even feel like Friday or Saturday night!

If you can, don’t hesitate to go to restaurant on Sunday evening, exceptionally so that it doesn’t become a habit. Something good, healthy (or not) and affordable to cut you off in your evening and think of something other than the week ahead.

Do something we love

Stop the movie that you don’t want to see, or even the book you are reading and you don’t like. On Sunday night we do the things we love. Why not a Christmas movie with a good tea? Or a good book and a big fluffy blanket? Or whatever you love to do. If you’re not really well, don’t force yourself to iron, finish doing the laundry or all the other chores.

I hope these little tips will help you. I go watch my Christmas movie and good Sunday night 😉

My 5 tips to avoid the Sunday evening blues

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