My tips to be more productive

Hi everyone! What if we talk about personal development and productivity today?

In recent years, the methods to become productive are multiplying. Some really help to accomplish many things while others less so. Among all these methods, here are the ones I use most often.

Plan your week in advance

The first method that works best for me is to plan my week in advance. I try to plan at least one or two tasks a day. I note them in my notebook 29heures59 and since I started doing it, I really feel like I’ve been doing more things.

My tips for more daily efficiency

What a bliss when I get to check all the boxes of tasks in my to-do list! It motivates me to be even more productive and to accomplish more things during the day.

Writing tasks on a notebook or on a to-do list also helps making it more concrete. It’s not just empty words like “it would be great if tonight I finally finished it”. You leave a physical proof and make yourself accountable, helping you commit to do each task.

Set goals

Second method that goes in hand with the first one : to set goals. But not just any goals. SMART goals!

  • Specific : the objective must be as precise and comprehensible as possible.
  • Measurable : the result must be measurable.
  • Achievable : the goal must be within your reach.
  • Realistic : The goal is realistic in relation to the time and the means you use to reach it.
  • Time-boxed : the objective has an end, it’s limited in time

Of course, becoming rich and famous is not part of SMART goals! But giving yourself SMART goals will allow you to accomplish them and you will also be more effective. Knowing that they are achievable and that you have a time-limit will allow you to motivate yourself even more.

Break down your goals into simple tasks

It’s THE solution to achieve your goals and be more productive. For every big task you need to do, don’t hesitate to split it into smaller tasks. First, it will be easier for you to reach your goals. In addition, you will see a real progress in your project and it won’t discourage you after a while.

For example, when I want to publish an article on the blog, I set myself multiple objectives such as “write the article”, “edit the pictures”, “plan the posts on social media”, and so on … It’s not only “publish such article “. By doing this, I feel like I am really moving forward.


Pomodoro is a working method based on time. To put it simply, you work for 25 minutes and then you have a 5-minute break and so on. After 4 cycles, you have a bigger break of 20 minutes. This is clearly the best method for me when I have a long task and when I absolutely have to move forward. I used this method a lot during the writing of my thesis and I can tell you that it really helped!

My tips for more daily efficiency

Using this method, you will see that the 25 minutes goes by really quickly but you have to force yourself to take a break of 5 minutes to avoid running out of steam afterwards. To use the Pomodoro method, you can use either your own timer or one of the app available on your smart phone.

Have some time for yourself

The last method, which isn’t quite one, is to arrange time for yourself. That’s right, how do you want to be productive everyday if you don’t take care of yourself? So even if there are days out, it doesn’t matter. You can leave what you have to do for the next day. It’s human and it happens to everyone.

In these moments, I try not to think of the tasks I had to do in the day and I watch some series. I try to take time for myself, to think only of myself. The next day, I spread the tasks I had to do on the rest of the week.

And you, what are your methods to be more productive everyday?

My tips to be more productive

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