Personal style: how to discover and define it?

As promised last week, here is the first article in the personal style series! I decided to create this series of articles to help you find your personal style and have the wardrobe of your dreams (without overflowing).

What’s the point of having a personal style?

In the article on my week of looks with my autumn capsule wardrobe, I told you how much it’s important to feel good in your clothes, to be able to associate everything and to like them all. In the end, that’s what having a personal style is. But what’s the point of having a personal style?

These are the main reasons to have your own style:

  • To feel good in your clothes and regain or increase self-confidence.
  • To finally have something to put in the morning. It’s a bit of a fight for almost every girl!
  • To save money!

How to discover and define your personal style ?

In this article you’ll find different steps that’ll allow you to discover and define your own style. Let’s go!

Discover your personal style

On your marks, ready, search!

The first step consists in identifying the looks, materials, silhouette or cuts of clothes that you like. Take your time if you want it to feel right and if you’re willing to really seek for YOUR personal style.

To start your research, I recommend 3 sources: bloggers, magazines and Pinterest. If you’re on Instagram, feel free to check out the looks of your favorite bloggers and take screenshots of the outfits you like. You can do the same for blogs that inspires you. Personally, I love the minimalist looks of the Australian blogger Harper & Harley. I also like the socialite Olivia Palermo’s looks but sometimes I find that some outfits are too daring for me.

How to discover and define your personal style ?

I use magazines less often because it tends to be “too much” for me: too much layering, too much color and so on…

Pinterest remains my biggest source of inspiration and it’s thanks to Pinterest that I really managed to discover my personal style. But Pinterest has a flaw. Most of the time it’ll show you the same images based on your research history on this network. 

Thanks to these 3 sources, you will have plenty of pictures, pins and screenshots that you will be able to keep in a single place. You can decide to print everything and make a board (see below), or store everything on your computer and organize the pictures with a software. The next step will show you that your selection doesn’t have to be perfect. 

Feel free to take a look at my first selection on Pinterest :

How to discover and define your personal style ?

How to discover and define your personal style ?

Make a choice

That’s why your selection doesn’t have to be perfect!

You may have noticed that the more data you collect, the more you refine your style. Maybe during your research, you realized that you like some materials or some cuts more than others. So now it’s time to sort through the photos and choose only what you 100% like. If you don’t like a material or if you feel like a certain cut will not make you comfortable, remove these pictures.

Once you have sorted and kept the looks you really like, do yourself a moodboard (virtual or not). Highlight the pictures that you like more than others and looks that match what you love.

It’s time to make a list

What would be a small life change without a list? Not much! For me it’s important to note things. So once you have all your pictures, write down on a list the combinations of cuts, colors, materials that you want to put together.

This list may look like this:

  • Style: minimalist, classic, bohemian …
  • Materials: lace, leather, cotton …
  • Silhouettes: slim jeans with high-heeled ankle boots, loose tops with mini-skirt …
  • Colors: black, flowery, red …
  • Accessories: gold necklace, ponytail …
  • Individual items: black ankle boots, white shirt, midi skirt …

To the dressing room

This is perhaps the part I like the least, but which can also be the most exciting!

With your list in hand, go to a large shopping center with many shops or maybe one huge shop like a big H&M or a big Zara. Make fittings by taking the elements that you noted on your list. Try everything! Even clothes that you think will not fit. You never know!

The goal in this step is not to buy but to refine your list. You can cross out things that don’t fit, that you are not comfortable in or that you only like so-so. But you can replace them with other elements (without losing sight of your moodboard) that agree better or in which you are more comfortable. For example, I love leather pants but I don’t feel good wearing them, so I replace it with coated pants.

Once your tracking done, don’t buy anything! You must first define your personal style and sort things in your closet accordingly (for a future article).

Define your personal style

Once you have done the fitting, you know which cuts you are going for, what colors are best for your personal style and what materials you like the most. You can now define your personal style. This is a small sentence that best describes your style. For example, I could define my personal style as: minimalist casual with neutral colors.

So, you’ll be able to keep it in mind every time you go shopping. It will allow you to target what you need to buy and especially what you no longer need to buy.

With this sentence, I know that I don’t buy colors, nor patterned clothes anymore. The clothes I buy have simple cuts with neutral colors like black, white or camel.

And you, how would you define your personal style?

How to discover and define your personal style ?

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