Personal Style : How to make a detox in your wardrobe?

Hi everyone! Second article on personal style: how to make a detox of your closet according to your personal style!

In the last article, I told you to discover and define your personal style by doing research and trial and errors. Before buying anything, we will tackle the sorting of your closet!

Personal style : how to make a detox in your wardrobe ?

Sorting your closet will allow you to see just how much clothing you really have and never put on. To start this “detox”, you will need several things: 1 or 2 garbage bags, 6 boxes or bags, your mirror, a camera and some music! Now we can start!

To do the “detox” of yor closet, you start by taking each piece out, trying it on, taking a few pictures to help you decide and finnaly chosing what will be its place.

The 6 boxes will help you to separate items using the following cateories:

  • For sale or to give
  • Memories
  • Needs repairing
  • Needs adjusting
  • Other season
  • Break-up test

Personal style : how to make a detox in your wardrobe ?

Parts that don’t fit

The first big category is that of pieces that do not fit ; that do not match your style, in which you do not feel comfortable, or that don’t value you.

For sale or to give

These are pieces that are still in good condition but that you don’t use. If you answer “no” to the following questions : “have I worn this piece in the past year or is it sentimental?”, you can either sell them, or give them to a family member or friends for whom this piece fits their style.


These are clothes that you have not worn for a year or more but have a sentimental value for you, such as a wedding dress or a university sweater. No need to put these pieces in the trash or give them. Put them aside, in a special box and don’t let them invade your wardrobe.

To throw away

All clothes or shoes that are very damaged, shapeless and can’t be repaired go to the trash. Same for all the socks that have holes, torn tights or sportswear with a worn band.

Parts about which you are not sure

For some pieces, you’ll hesitate between putting them in the trash or put them back in your closet. For these clothes, there are 3 subcategories.

The beak-up test

This boxe is for clothes that you are not quite sure about. You put them where you can easily grab them if needed. If you miss the piece you can take it back anytime, and if you end up never taking it out for 6 months, you can either sell it or give it away.

The return to the closet

You will realize as you sort that many pieces don’t match your style but that you usually wear them every day : like this top to go to work or these sneakers for the weekend. To avoid emptying completly your closet and making you want to replace everything overnight, I suggest you keep the parts you put the most and that are useful in everyday life. The goal will be to replace them as and when you buy new things.

Personal style : how to make a detox in your wardrobe ?

Needs adjusting

There may be pieces in your closet that you don’t put because they are too long (skirt, jeans …). Put them in the box “Needs adjusting”. You can learn to make hems yourself or go to a professional. I use the application Tilli: a specialist comes to you to make the hems or other marks and brings your item back a week later to your home. No need to go out and the results are pretty good 🙂

The pieces you love

Needs repairing

You see this top that has lost a button but you love to wear it and it fits perfectly your style. Or those pants whose zip doesn’t work. For these pieces, no need to put them in the trash. Just a small sewing kit or a small fix and they are as good as new. You can put them back in your closet!

The off-season pieces

For this category, you do not need to do this sorting. For example, I don’t have much room and my spare parts take a lot of it. For these clothes, like a big sweater when you’re in summer or a little dress in winter, I put them in a box below my bed. I take them out only when the appropriate season is coming.

To keep

Yes finally! These are pieces that perfectly match your personal style, in which you are comfortable and for which you already have different outfits in mind. The goal is to swap them for pieces that you kept but that don’t really fit your style.

Personal style : how to make a detox in your wardrobe ?

What to do after a wardrobe detox?

Once you have done your detox, you will be aware of several things. Compared to what you have identified when discovering your personal style, what are the pieces you are lacking and what are the pieces you already have too much of? Make yourself a list or a phrase of what the detox brought you. For example: “Once again, I found out I bought too many black jeans but no dresses at all.” In this list, put the parts you need to buy later. Be precise and put a lot of details so that you know what you really need : “leather black chelsea ankle boots with 2 cm heels”.

Don’t hesitate to make a mini detox from your closet every 6 months (at each change of season) to have a fresh start!

In the next article on personal style, I will tell you about purchases that fit perfectly with your personal style and way of life!

What are the results of this detox for you?

Personal style : how to make a detox in your wardrobe ?

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