Why become minimalist?

At the beginning of the new year, we are all wondering what are the good resolutions we will give ourselves for the new year. Apart from the diet that we have been pushing back for years, or stopping smoking for some, and if becoming minimalist was theΒ solution? I explain everything below.

The first thing to know is that being minimalist is not an end in itself. Minimalism is a journey and you do not become minimalist overnight. There are as many minimalism as minimalist. Everyone finds the minimalism that suits his goals and what he wants from life. Some will only want one house without any frills because they have already sorted through other things in their lives. Some want more time and more money to realize their dreams or goals. Each individual has specific and personal goals when he decides to start this journey.

For my part, I consider myself a minimalist baby. I had made an article about what minimalism had brought me in my life. I did a lot of sorting in my life, whether material or otherwise, but I feel that my brain is still cluttered with a lot of superficial things that I try to reduce gradually.

My minimalist journey

A few years ago, I became interested in minimalism as I saw in it a solution for the lack of space in my studio. I had lots of little trinkets that did not serve me much but that I kept “juste in case”. At the time I considered minimalism only as a way of possessing less. I did not immediately look at the other aspects of minimalism that are much more interesting. So I began by sorting, thanks toΒ  Marie Kondo’s method of storage. So actually, I had many garbage bags but I still did not see the benefits that were described by becoming minimalist.

I later understood the benefits in two ways: by reading the book The Minimalist Mindset and watching the documentary Minimalism on Netflix. These two life stories tell us what has changed in these writers who have learned to become minimalist. I recommend reading the book and/or watching the documentary to understand what minimalism can bring you. I would also speak about The Minimalist Mindset in an article about personal fulfillment.

With these two stories, I realized what minimalism could bring me : more time, more money and fewer headache. I am still at the beginning of my journey because I still have some behaviors that don’t comply with minimalism. But no one is perfect and a change is not made in overnight.

But then why would you become minimalist?

Why become minimalist?

When you hear about minimalism, you may have the impression that it’s about a world of restrictions, non-consumption, zero waste and so on. If you do not want to consume anything, it’s your choice. Personally, for the things I like, I do not limit my consumption but I think about it. I also try to reduce my waste without taking it too seriously when the thrash can overflows within a week.Β You should also be indulgent with yourself.

Minimalism can help you make your passions a priority and regain some freedom that you may have lost, and this by :

  • Improving how you manage your time and money
  • Getting rid of your useless possessions
  • Not letting yourself be invaded
  • Improving your social relations

Here are some situations that might push you to become minimalist.

Your house is never tidy

You feel like you are spending too much time tidying up, cleaning up and not enjoying your evening. In this case, a huge sort is needed. You will realize that your possessions are sometimes useless You will find objects that you have not seen for years and that no longer serve you. Minimalism will help you sort out your possessions and avoid replacing everything in the blink of an eye.

Why becoming minimalist?

You never have time for your passions

You feel like you’re missing out on your life, never doing what you really want. Your life comes down to a work-eat-sleep-repeat. Minimalism will allow you to create specific time slots for your passions. You say goodbye to the phone call with the friend who constantly complains, you slowly get out of toxic relationships. You also have to stop spending time on useless activities (good bye late night facebook).

You never have money to travel

You have a salary but at the end of the month there is nothing left to put aside. What if you stop having a weakness for a daily morning Starbucks to give yourself some courage? And if you stopped falling for this umpteenth high at H&M? I kept count of all the little things I spentΒ  money on in the month (purchases less than 10 or 30 euros) and they may seem innocuous taken separately but all together make a huge sum. This sum would allow you to go a little more often on weekends or holidays.

Why becoming minimalist?

You are not happy in your life

And if your minimalism went further and you would change your life? It seems crazy but it’s totally possible.

Ready to become minimalist?

Why become minimalist?

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